Friday, March 30, 2012

Creative Clay Class for HEP Veterans

Creative Clay guest artist Johnny Hobbs and member artists Gina K., Carolyn R., and Marquise R. recently traveled to the Homeless Emergency Project in Clearwater to teach a class on portrait drawing to military veterans Joel Barber, Al Huth, Jr., and John Hearn. The member artists and veterans paired up to draw one another and chat. After about a half an hour, Gina announced, "I made a new friend today and I feel so good about that."

Veteran Al Huth, Jr. and member artist Gina K. 
Veteran John Hearn and member artist Carolyn R.

Member artist Marquise R., Creative Clay guest artist instructor Johnny Hobbs, and veteran Joel Barber.

"I made a new friend today and I feel good about that."

Carolyn's portrait of John.

Gina's portrait of Al.

Al's portrait of Gina.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Special Visitors from City Hall have their Portraits Done!

Mayor Foster and Jenny Lynn.
Mayor Foster, Chris F., and Elizabeth Brincklow.

Mayor Foster, Kevin H., and Elizabeth Brincklow.
Mayor Foster and Steve S.
Rox, Ian, Mayor Foster, Sarah, and Shaquanna. 
Transition Student Artist Latoya shows Mayor Foster a printing technique.

Mayor Foster and Elizabeth Brincklow with Cakewalk Co-op Artist Chuck Coley.

Chris F. and Mayor Foster.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Marquise R. just sold his swing to Hugh from Orlando! Congrats to you both!

The Listening Room Festival at Creative Clay

Musicians Fran Snyder and Daniel Boling performed for Creative Clay member artists on Tuesday to kick of the Listening Room Music Festival March 15-18. What an amazing show! Thanks, Fran and Daniel for the wonderful music. See artist drawings of the show below!

Creative Clay member artists awaiting the performers in the Cakewalk studio.

Fran Snyder and Daniel Boling.

Fran Snyder is presented with student artist Tess G's drawing of the show.

Daniel Boling, member artist Chris F., and Fran Snyder with his drawing by Chris.

Chris C. with his interpretations of the musicians.

Student artist Alyssa K. shares her work with Fran Snyder.

Daniel Boling, Tim A. with his drawings of guitars, and Fran Snyder. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Art of Nutrition

Thanks to the generosity of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida, in partnership with the Florida Literacy Coalition, Creative Clay has been presenting “The Art of Nutrition” weekly to its member artists. The program is able to happen because of a $5000.00 grant from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida to execute an arts-themed educational initiative, designed to inform Creative Clay member artists about the importance of nutrition, health care, healthy living and self advocacy in the medical environment.

Member artists were surveyed prior to the program kick-off so as to ascertain the knowledge they had about these subjects. Based on survey findings, a curriculum was developed and is supported by attractive and informative textbooks provided by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida.

Topics covered to date include healthy eating (the five food groups), determining what is a true emergency and the importance of knowing “911,” importance of drinking enough water daily, stretching and exercising, sketching still-life pictures of arranged fruit. Member artists have been treated to freshly-made smoothies, water tasting event demonstrating ways to flavor water to provide variety, a stretching demonstration, a Bingo game which reinforced the recognition of various fruits and vegetables, a visit from a Bayfront Medical Center R.N., and distribution and instruction on how to fill out an exercise log.

Periodic review occurs and we’re proud to say that our member artists are retaining much of the information presented to them thus far. But the best benefit, by far, is how excited they are each week to tackle the weekly “Art of Nutrition” topic. Thank you, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida and Florida Literacy Coalition, for allowing Creative Clay to be part of this healthy initiative!